What do we do?

We help you to sell more cars, more parts and more hours by showing you how to have more impactful conversations in the following areas;

  • Incoming telephone enquiries
  • Outbound calling and  prospecting activities
  • Tactical sales events
  • Customers immediately requesting deals, discounts and guideline part exchange values
  • Local B2B development
  • Converting red & amber service work

Why do we do it?

  • Because without these skills you can’t succeed
  • Because Sales staff are not good enough over the telephone and they need to be
  • Because old approaches no longer work, the customer has moved on
  • Because we are exceptional at it
  • Because we can add immediate value to these activities

The telephone is a critical contact option and in our opinion is increasingly used tactically to delay commitment, condense time and carry out price based research. Sales teams simply must be able to handle these realities.  It is also a vital tool to actively contact customers to improve retention and secure appointments to specific activities or events.

How do we do it?

Sales success is influenced by how effectively people “Engage”, “Compel” and “Re-assure” their potential and existing customers. We get results;

  • By showing your sales teams how to connect quickly, effectively and meaningfully
  • By showing you what to say and above all how to say it
  • By showing you how to ask the right questions
  • By showing you how to make sense and influence more people to want to deal with you
  • By showing you how to have more structured conversations
  • By showing you how to manage objections before they are even raised by the customer

What do you get?

  • Increased appointment levels
  • Increased sales volumes
  • Improved event attendance
  • Improved retention rates
  • More confident sales teams
  • Something that works and your teams will relate to

Converting Incoming Telephone Calls & Requests For Discounts And Deals

Defining the benefits of your business and communicating them to the customer.  Addressing sales challenges such as the discount & deal “shoppers” who often open early with price led discussions and early requests for indicative part exchange prices and turning these into meaningful discussions, appointments/next actions.

  • How to influence people
  • Understanding the customers “buying process”
  • Differentiating between local and distance enquiries
  • Realising the power of emotion in your customer’s decision making processes
  • How to handle challenging incoming telephone calls: discount, offers, PX, etc.
  • How to Engage with customers over the telephone by harnessing the power of language and phraseology
  • How to compel customers to take the enquiry further
  • Defining and communicating your value
  • Securing the appointment and next action

Securing more appointments from outbound telephone calls

  • How to create a positive impact
  • Creating effective call introductions
  • Defining reasons for contact and building compelling conversations around them
  • Managing objections and customer responses
  • Harnessing the power of emotion in your customer’s decision making processes
  • Compelling the customer to you and building the connection
  • Understanding how to use suggestion and embedded commands effectively
  • Live calling activities “real time”

Sales events provision

  • Data collation
  • E-mail design & execution
  • SMS, Video Messenger design & execution
  • RSVP system setup & reporting
  • Prospecting lists creation and distribution
  • Opt out and unsubscribe provision post event

 Pre-event call handling training

  • Creating compelling introductions for RSVP and Non RSVP customers
  • Creating compelling reasons and “call to action” purposes
  • Handling objections and customer responses
  • Understanding how to use suggestion and embedded commands effectively
  • How to handle incoming calls generated from the marketing campaign
  • Live call coaching and support